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Pastor Schallhorn. May 21st. Love is More Than Talk? John 14:15-21.

Pastor Schallhorn. May 14th. What Makes a House a Home? John 14:1-12.

Pastor Schallhorn. May 7th. Which Door do You Choose? John 10:1-10.

Pastor Davis. April 30th. Road to Emmaus. Luke 24:13-35.

Pastor Mielke. April 23rd. From Doubt to Devotion. John 20: 19-31. Acts 2: 42-47.

Pastor Schallhorn. April 16th. Easter Sunday. 

Pastor Davis. April 9th. Palm Sunday. Are You the King of the Jews? Matthew 27:11

Pastor Davis. April 2nd. Finding Christ in Tragedy. John 11:1-45

Pastor Mielke. March 26th. I Was Blind, But Now I See. John 9. 

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Pastor Mielke. March 19th. Leave Your Bucket. John 4:5-29.

SPA Ministry Testimony - 9:00am Worship. 3-19-17

SPA Ministry Testimony - 10:30am Worship. 3-19-17

SPA Ministry Testimony - 5:00pm Worship. 3-18-17

Pastor Davis. March 12th. John 3:1-17.

Pastor Schallhorn. March 5th. The Anatomy of Temptation. Matthew 4:1-11.

Pastor Mielke. March 1st. Ash Wednesday.

Pastor Schallhorn. February 26th. Who Do You Listen To? Matthew 17:1-9.

Pastor Mielke. February 19th. The Pursuit of Perfection. Matthew 5:38-48.

Pastor Mielke. February 12th. In Pursuit of Potential. Matthew 5:17-37.

Pastor Davis. February 5th. Pursuing Significance - Being Salt and Light. Matthew 5:13-16.

Pastor Schallhorn. January 29th. The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached! Matthew 5:1-12.

Pastor Mielke. January 22nd. Faith. Family. Future. Matthew 4:18-22

Pastor Davis. January 15th. Who Am I? Matthew 3:13-17

Pastor Mielke. January 8th. Our Own Epiphany. Matthew 2:1-12

Pastor Schallhorn. New Years Day - Placing of the Time Capsule.

Pastor David. December 25th. Christmas Day. John 1:1-5, 9-14

Pastor Davis. December 18th. Emmanuel - God is with Us. Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew 1:23

Pastor Davis. December 11th. Matthew 11:2-11

Pastor Mielke. December 4th. Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand. Matthew 3:1-12

Pastor Davis. November 27th. Matthew 24:37-44

Pastor Schallhorn. November 20th. My Way, the Safe Way, or the Faithful Way. Luke 19:11-26

Pastor Schallhorn. November 13th. A Changed Life. Luke 19:1-10

Pastor Schallhorn. November 6th. All Saints. Luke 16:1-13

Pastor Mielke. October 30th. Trinity's 5th Core Value: Sacrifice. Matthew 13:44-46

Pastor Mielke. October 23rd. Trinity's 4th Core Value: Evangelism. Matthew 9: 35-38

Pastor Mielke. October 16th. Trinity's 3rd Core Value: Family. John 19: 25-27

Pastor Mielke. October 9th. Trinity's 2nd Core Value: Discipleship. Matthew 19: 16-22

Pastor Schallhorn. October 2nd. The Blessings of the Eucharist. John 6:48-58

Pastor Mielke. September 25th. We are Trinity - Blessed to be a Blessing. Matthew 25:14-30

Pastor Mielke. September 18th. The Triumph of the Cross. John 3:16

Pastor Schallhorn. September 11th. Lost and found! Luke 15:1-32

Pastor Davis. September 4th. Counting the cost. Luke 14:25-33.

Pastor Mielke. August 28th. Luke 14:1, 7-14

Pastor Davis. August 21st. The Pain is Real! The struggle of holiness. Hebrews 12:11-13; Luke 13:22

Pastor Mielke. August 14th. Go for the Gold. Hebrews 12:1-4

Pastor Schallhorn. August 7st. Living a life of integrity. Luke 12:32-48

Pastor Davis. July 31st. Be rich. Luke 12:20-21

Pastor Davis. July 24th. Luke 11:1-13

Pastor Davis. July 10th. Luke 10:25-37

Pastor Schallhorn. July 3rd. Luke 10:1-12, 17-20.

Pastor Schallhorn. June 26th. The Augsburg Confession.

Pastor Mielke. June 19th. Divine Design Part 5 - The Crucifix. Sacrifice as a way of life. Luke 9:18-24.

Pastor Davis. June 12th. Divine Design Part 4 - The Reconciliation Room. The life of grace (receiving the forgiveness of Christ) leads us to Discipleship (living out the love of Jesus). Luke 7:36-50.

Pastor Mielke. June 5th. Divine Design Part 3 - The Ambo/Pulpit. A look at the importance of God's Word in our assembly. Luke 7:11-17.

Pastor Schallhorn. May 29th. Divine Design Part 2 - The Meaning of the Altar in Worship. 1 Corinthians 11:23-26.

Pastor Mielke. May 22nd. Divine Design Part 1 - The Baptismal Font Forms our Family. Matthew 28:16-20.

Pastor Mielke. May 15th. Dedication and Consecration of Trinity Lutheran Church.

Pastor Davis. May 15th. Feast of Pentecost. John 14:15-16, 23-26

Pastor Schallhorn. May 8th. Feast of the Ascension. Luke 24:46-53

Pastor Davis. May 1st. Finding the Temple of God. Revelation 21:10-14, 22-23

Pastor Davis. April 24th. John 14:23-29

Pastor Davis. April 17th. Jesus said, "Follow me!". But where are YOU going? Revelation 7:17

Pastor Schallhorn. April 10th. John 21:15-19.

Pastor Mielke. April 3rd - The Christian Life is like Jazz music. John 20:19-31.

Pastor Davis. March 27th - Easter Sunday

Pastor Mielke. March 26th - Easter Vigil

Pastor Schallhorn. March 25th - Good Friday

Pastor Mielke. March 24th - Holy Thursday

Pastor Schallhorn. March 20th - What makes this coming week 'Holy'?. Luke 23

Pastor Mielke. March 13th - Misery meets mercy. John 8:1-11

Pastor Schallhorn. March 6th - Turning Your Heart Towards Home. The Story of a Prodigal Father! Luke 15:1-2, 11-32

Pastor Davis. February 28th - Becoming what God created you to be. Luke 13:1-9

Pastor Schallhorn. February 21st - Stubbornness: Asset or Liability. Luke 13:33-39

Pastor Mielke. February 14th - 40 Days in the Lenten Desert. Luke 4:1-1-13

Pastor Schallhorn. February 10th - Ash Wednesday. Joel 2:12-17

Pastor Davis. February 7th - The Transfiguration. Jesus: The New Voice of Authority. Luke 9:28-36.

Pastor Mielke. January 31st - A parent's calling in helping their child discover God's calling. Jeremiah 1:4-5.

Pastor Schallhorn. January 24th - A sacred partnership - Lutheran School's Week. Luke 4:14-21

Pastor Mielke. January 17th - The story is the wedding at Cana where Jesus turns water into wine. Wine is the symbol of joy in the Scripture. But marriage - which is made for joy - is often as if we turned the wine into water. John 2:1-12

Pastor Schallhorn, January 10th - What is the importance of Jesus' Baptism? Luke 3:15-16, 21-22

Pastor Davis, January 3rd - The Feast of Epiphany. Matthew 2:1-12

Pastor Mielke, December 27th - The Holy Family. Luke 2:41-52

Pastor Davis, December 20th - Where is the promise? Looking at the promise of God found in the womb of Mary, and now in the Church. Luke 1:39-45

Pastor Schallhorn, December 13th - Good News is more than Rhetoric - Luke 3:8-18

Pastor Schallhorn, December 6th - Voices in Conflict - Luke 3:1-6

Pastor Davis, November 29th

Pastor Schallhorm, November 22nd

Pastor Mielke, November 15th

Pastor Mielke, November 8th

Pastor Mielke, November 1st

Pastor Mielke, October 25th

Pastor Mielke, October 17th

Pastor Mielke, October 11th

Pastor Mielke, October 4th

Pastor Schallhorn, September 27th

Pastor Schallhorn, September 20th

Pastor Davis, September 13th Oktoberfest

Pastor Schallhorn, September 6th

Pastor Mielke, August 30th

Pastor Davis, August 23rd



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