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Special Gifts

Last fall, an invitation was extended for those who would like to give a special thank offering for the artistic pieces in our new church.   Many of the items have already been given:  Spire, Paschal Candle Stand, Stations of the Cross, and the Crucifix.  There are still some Special gifts that can still be donated, along with one additional item:  The Apostles' and Evangelists' Ciborium ($4,850), which will hold the consecrated host, the Body of our Lord.  It matches our chalice and will be kept in the Tabernacle.  The other items you or a group of your family and friends can contribute to include:

  • Ceremonial Doors
  • Tabernacle
  • Pulpit (partially funded)
  • Altar
  • Baptismal Font

For more information on these and all the Special gifts please see the brochure below.