UPDATE 1/15!!!
Tais will be here tomorrow!  As she is moving from her college dorm she is traveling pretty light and needs some furnishings for her apartment: chest of drawers, nightstand, sofa, small dining table, chairs. If you have any items in good condition that you would like her to have, please contact Julie Plummer in the church office: julieplummer@trinityL.org. Another great way to welcome Tais is gift cards to local stores or restaurants. SCRIP cards are available in the office or you can bring gift cards on the weekends to the information center or give them to her. 
As shared with the congregation late last fall, Trinity applied for a Director of Christian Education (DCE) Intern from Concordia University, Chicago, who would work especially in our youth ministry. We had thought, if we have were assigned an intern, this would not happen until next summer. However, we received word that a student finished her studies in December and was a good fit for Trinity. So Tais (rhymes with “nice”) Brekke has been assigned and will start her internship with us in mid-January. She will serve her internship with us for the calendar year 2019.

We are so excited for Tais to join our Trinity family. She is personable, energetic and very eager to begin ministry with us. Please pray for Tais as she moves to Elkhart and welcome her when she arrives.


Dear Trinity Family,
God works in such wonderful and mysterious ways! Through conversations with my program director and Pastor Mielke, I can see how God’s hands have been in every step of this process. It really has been a journey.


I was born in Chile, but moved to Lakeland, Florida when I was 10 with my younger sister, older brother, and parents. It was here that we were introduced to St. Paul, my home church, and God. So, up until the age of 10, I did not have a relationship with God. Boy, I was really missing out. For me, my church family played a big role in my faith development. While at St. Paul, I was blessed to be able to be a part of a youth group and attend short term mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Guatemala. In Guatemala, I felt God’s call to become a Director of Christian Education.


While I am a people-person, I have to say that I gravitate towards children and youth. I have a strong passion for middle school and high school youth, as I feel that they are in such a pivotal time of their faith development. Plus, they are just pretty cool people to be around. I have been praying for the youth of my internship church since my freshman year of college and I cannot wait to finally meet them. Selfishly, I’m also hoping that they can update me on the matters of current video game knowledge. There was a time that I could hold my own during intergalactic feuds. Adulthood has really strained my skills, but I promise that I am not a lost cause.


Additionally, I’m the proud parent of a 9-month-old Pointer/Beagle mix. She is currently in her teenage years. As any parent of human teenagers can attest to, those are the best, stress free years! Due to her high energy, we spend a lot of time outdoors hiking, playing, or swimming. A healthy relationship, though, only works if there is mutual give and take, so she lets me stay in and watch movies every now and then, too.


To me, a church family is very important, because I’ve experienced the effects that a community of believers can have on a person. The love and support found in a church is such a beautiful thing to see and experience. I have heard only wonderful things about Trinity and I cannot wait to meet all of you and see how I fit into the Trinity family.


See you very soon!