​Nelson’s Chicken Sales

Our middle school students are working on saving for their Washington D.C. trip and you can help by buying Nelson’s Chicken tickets.  The chicken will be on site for pick up on Wednesday, October 23rd from 11:30am-6pm. You can purchase tickets from a middle school student or by contacting Dawn Flatt or Corey Van Luchene.  Some students will be selling tickets after church on the weekend of October 12th and 13th.

Rent-a-Middle School Student

Another way to help our middle school students to raise money for there trip is by hiring them to do chores you need assistance with. The students and an adult supervisor will come and help you finish those chores. All they ask in return is a donation toward the students’ class trip. All money collected will be evenly distributed between the individual student accounts based on the amount of hours they dedicate overall to this fundraiser.  Some examples of chores and projects might be, yard work, painting, garage, closet or basement cleaning, moving large amounts of small items, etc. For more information please contact Dawn Flatt at dawnflatt@trinityl.org or grab an information sheet at the information center.