No kid sleeps on the floor in our town!

The softball team concluded their season last weekend. The team reached their fundraising goal of $10,000, and hit 49 home runs this season. All proceeds go to support the cause that they chose for that season, Sleep in Heavenly Peace – IN, Elkhart Co chapter. This organization provides beds and bedding for kids in Elkhart County that would otherwise be on the floor. If you made pledge or flat donation one of the team members will be reaching out, or feel free to contact Ty Miller at

Whether a pledge or donation – we encourage you to pay with a check if possible, made out directly to the chosen non-profit for that year and not the person you are in communication with. This minimizes the money handling process for us. Cash is accepted and tracked.

For 2021 make all checks payable to: Sleep in Heavenly Peace. In the memo – line put IN – Elkhart Co., that will designate which chapter the funds go to.