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We are here to answer your questions big or small.  In the FAQ there are some of the questions that we hear frequently from guests and longtime members alike.   If you need more information, would like to leave a message for a pastor or have a prayer request you can use the contact form below.

“Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak,”
– James 1:19

Frequently Asked Questions
When Are Your Services?

Our service times are as follows:
Regular Church Year
Saturday 4pm
Sunday 8:30am & 11:00am (Livestreamed)
Bible Study and Sunday School 10am
Wednesday 11am

Advent and Lent
Additional Wednesday Evening Service beginning December 5th at 6:30pm

Saturday 4pm
Sunday 8:30am & 10:00am (Livestreamed)
Monday 6:00pm
Wednesday 11am

Can I Take Communion?
If you are new to the Lutheran Church we ask you to first talk to us before taking Communion.  Because we so value the gift of Communion we would like the chance to explain to you what we believe and what we are doing before you participate.
Are Children Welcome in Worship?
We love to have children in worship with us.  As Jesus welcomed the little children to come to him, we welcome all children to encounter Jesus in worship.  If you would feel more comfortable there is a parenting room at the back left of the church, where you can view and hear the service as well.
What is a typical worship service like?
Our worship follows what is known as a liturgy, which is a set structure to the service.  Each week you will experience songs, prayers, scripture readings, a sermon, and communion.  Each service has a little different character, but the feeling is similar and follows the liturgical structure.
Help people find the Trinity Family

Leave A Review 

When you look for a new restaurant to visit, you probably check the review first, especially if you are visiting a new area.

The same is true of people who are looking to find a new church home. Please consider leaving a review to show people what makes Trinity unique to you and why they should come and experience Trinity for themselves.

In your reviews of our Church, you can add photos, and be specific about what ministry or part of the Trinity experience has positively affected your relationship with Jesus.

Writing a Review Tips
  • Write about what stands out to you about the church.
  • Make it personal. Share part of your journey. This is a great way to share part of your personal testimony, but keep it brief and upbeat. 
  • Use words/language that everyone understands and can relate to.
  • Feel free to make it fun, use emojis, etc.
  • Write like you are visiting with a person who has never been to a church before.
  • We love 5 stars! 
  • Don’t worry about perfect grammar and spelling. In fact, if it’s too perfect, a review can sound fake. 

Here are some example reviews people have left for our church:

“This is the friendliest, most Christian-filled church I have ever been to. I feel a part of their big family already after only being there for 3 months. People turn around and shake my hand almost every Sunday. I am part of a bible study at the church, and an adult group outside of church who are all a bunch of wonderful kind people. I’m 27 and making tons of new acquaintances like that. I am so glad I am getting closer to Jesus with these friends by my side. Also both pastors are wonderful in their sermons and their personalities! Best church around!”

Brittany Wolford

“Contemporary and reverent. Nice mix of old and new worship styles. Sermons seem encourage yet challenge me to examine my own motives and behavior. Very worshipful! You should come.”

Janet Wunderlich

“I love this church, it has been my spiritual home since 1993. It is family.”

– Cynthia Berryman


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