Joining Jesus on His Mission

How to be an Everyday Missionary
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Our Focus on Evangelism


Joining Jesus on His Mission will alter the way you see your life as a follower of Jesus and take you beyond living your life for Jesus to living your life with Jesus. Simple powerful and applicable insights show you how to be on mission and recognize where Jesus is already at work in your neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools. You will feel both relief and hope. You may even hear yourself say, ‘I can do this!” as you start responding to the everyday opportunities he is placing in your path.”


– Greg Finke

As part of our Ignite initiative, we have committed to focusing on evangelism.  Our first step toward that goal is a congregation-wide training related to the book, Joining Jesus on His Mission: How to Be an Everyday Missionary. We have partnered with the author Greg Finke, to bring this practical and applicable approach to being an everyday missionary where God has placed you to our Trinity family. The goal of this training is to help us all be more invitational and authentic in caring for our neighbors and sharing our faith. The initial study may be over but the work is just beginning.

"Kick The Tires" Missions Conference

So you have read the book and went through the study guide, and are wondering what is next? Pastor Greg Finke, author of Joining Jesus on His Mission, joined us live and continued to expand on the principles of the book. Pastor Finke gave us a thorough but “safe” way to literally “kick-the-tires” on how a life on mission with Jesus could work. This conference was also live-streamed in our private Facebook Group as well. You can still access the conference there and become a part of this online missional community.  

Ongoing Training

The formal training has concluded but there are still books available and the training materials are available here or in the Facebook group. Below are some options for you to access the materials and work through the study

  1. Join our private Facebook Group – This group will provide an online community where you can participate in the study of the book, access the videos, and participate in a conversation about the topics.  Moving forward you plan to utilize the group as an online missional community of sorts.
  2. You can lead a small group with the members of your own household.
  3. You can work through the book and study guide individually.

A word from the Author, Pastor Greg Finke

The Materials

For the study you will need the following materials: a book, a study guide, and access to the videos. We have created packets with everything you need for sale at the link below. The cost is $10 dollars.

The Book

An excerpt from the foreword:

Most books on evangelism are high on demands and low on practical ideas for implementation. Joining Jesus on His Mission is just the opposite. It’s practical enough for anyone to understand but full of great, Gospel-packed theology. It approaches mission and evangelism from the reality that in Jesus, the Kingdom of God is already at work in our world today.  God has taken responsiblity for saving the world by Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection and by sending the Spirit. Jesus is still very much on this mission to redeem the world to Himself. So, no need for demanding or shaming Christians into evangelism.  As Finke elegantly put it, “We’re not on mission for Jesus, but with Jesus!”


– Ben Haupt, Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

Study Guide for Video Trainings

Included in the purchased packet is a printed copy of the study guide, but you can also download a digital copy of the Study Guide here.

Training Facebook Group

You can join the private Facebook group to engage in conversation around the topics of the book each week and to view the videos if you are working independently.

Joining Jesus on His Mission

How to be an Everyday Missionary
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